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“I have given myself away and there is nothing left. How did I get here? Lost, depressed, tired and empty… IN PURSUIT OF ME is a raw journey of a young woman who learned to simultaneously pour and stay full.”


    • Got me a stand in Zaddy for our couples classhellip
      6 days ago by inpursuitof_b Got me a stand in Zaddy for our couples class. He thinks he can make better shrimp scampi than me. How adorable . Looks like  #IssaCookOff ; Ladies against guys . S C R O L L ➡️ He's also hosting his 3rd pop up! The first two sold out hours before closing time. This one is a  #Pastapalooza  with Chicken Parm, Eggplant Parm for all you new vegetarians, and his shrimp scampi that he thinks is better than mine . Follow and support Zaddy  @bigbellyrudebo1  ‍♀️  #CookinWithBoiBoi 
    • Elle I love you Thank you for letting me inhellip
      20 hours ago by inpursuitof_b Elle. I love you. Thank you for letting me in. Thank you for allowing me to experience you; all parts of you ...I was thinking about our funny conversations and random moments. We have a divine friendship. It's so free. It's safe . You are one of the most resilient woman I know. Even when you're feeling weak or scared, I still see you as strong because it takes strength to make that admission. You are a woman of many facets and you walk in each one with so much grace, grit, and ugh I can't think of another G…
    • Morning Cuddles
      35 mins ago by inpursuitof_b Morning Cuddles
    • G O A L S
      7 days ago by inpursuitof_b G O A L S
    • Little things Im learning in life amp entrepreneurship
      7 days ago by inpursuitof_b Little things I'm learning in life & entrepreneurship...
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